Return / Privacy Policy

Return Policy

Astrowala.com is completely focused to deliver the satisfaction to all the customers. One you retained for any kind of service with Astrowala.com , fee will be non-refundable under any circumstances. Final decision will be by the astrowala.com only.

Please read about the each Services before paying for it, it provides all the details about the services or the products you are procuring/availing for your self consumption. In case the client realizes to cancel any of the procured services due to date changes by Astrowala.com he/she will be not be entitled for any refunds as the final decision will be from Mr.Mandiiip Chauhan. The clients have the full liberty to cancel their purchased services before purchasing it but after purchase done no refund will be approved. Once client retained any of our service no refund will be approved under any circumstances .Our Policy for the cancellation and refund will be as follows:

Cancellation Policy

For Cancellations please contact us via Contact Us link.

Refund Policy

Our endeavours are to offer the best and suitable services for our clients. In case any client is not completely satisfied with our services we can provide a free repeat to the course ( company will take final decision for approval ), before availing/consuming the Services.
Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Services are managed by ASTROWALA.COM, which is located in JALANDHAR, PUNJAB. You agree that any dispute related to these Terms will be governed by the laws of the Jalandhar Punjab, excluding its
conflicts of law provisions.


Certificate of Completion of course

In case if course is more than 5 days and less than 10 days then company will release the certificate after 30 days of the last class of the course.
In case if course is less than 20-40 days then company will release the certificate after 45 days of the last class of the course.

Privacy Policy

Data We May Collect.
We collect data data from different sources based on your interest e.g. forms,registrations, surveys, promos , support or communications.

We don’t collect or save any banking related data e.g. your date of birth, mark-sheets, Passport/Aadhar /Voter ID details; Billing Information, such as debit card number, credit card number which is against the law.

Not Allowed

Personal business promotions are not allowed in ASTROWALA class, Whatsapp group, Telegram Group or students in the group.

Stealing data or promoting your courses or students to ASTROWALA Student is not allowed by any student.
Company’s study material, Database or any personalized customized method of anytime is for personal learning. Any student can not teach ahead to anyone.
  • Sharing notes in the group or forwarding to any third person is not allowed at all.
  • Leaking the material provided by company is prohibited.
Terms Of Use

ASTROWALA.COM offer various type of course to the students which are strictly use for the individuals who availed for the same. In case of we found any one fall under our NOT ALLOWED policy then  company can take legal actions against such persons.

We design the courses totally research & practical based application based only. Astrowala.com has complete rights to change or cancel the event or course any time on immediate effects or without notices. Astrowala will not refund any fee on this ground.

Change of Course Date: 
Company of Mr. Mandiiip Chauhan can change the date of the course anytime without any prior notices. Client has to manage accordingly with the new dates. This decision is totally depending in Mr.Mandiiip Chauhan’s availability. Note: It’s not a regular practice to change the course dates but  due to circumstances company can change if required & company will not be held responsible to answer the reason the rescheduling the event .


Courses offered by ASTROWALA are property of ASTROWALA.COM only. Any Student have no right to distribute content or spread any materials to anyone without consent of ASTROWALA.  In case of company will do legal proceedings against such persons.