About Us
The Famous Indian Professional Astrology website is owned by astrologer Mandiiip Chauhan who is registered member of International Astrology Federation Inc ( India & USA ).Which is a big achievement. He is Certified Astrologer & Vastu Consultant. He is expert in Vedic Astrology , Vastu, Astro-Vastu, Numerology , reiki , Lal- Kitab & Nadi Astrology . He is having number of years experience in the occult field . He has trained many students for the occult field also. Your problem is our concern & your solution is our motive.
In our life many people are happy & many are sad due to our planets & karmas . Life is a memorable adventure where we extend to aim at following our ambition goals related to family, health, finance, career and love among others. Our life is full of sudden turns and we want to avoid, avoid such problems and the progress of life get effected .Problem is De-Coding of your life & Planets. Astrology is all about your de-coding your life with the help of this precious study of planets.
We all are connected with planets & elements in our life. If we have then in this field then & if we don’t have faith in both conditions planets & elements are always working for us 24X7 without any pause in our life. It’s like gravity is working for us. Every life in the universe is bound by nature and universal law. We are all part of the universe and we reflect the life of its component. Hence our life is predominantly governed by planets and its movements.
Astrology is science and ancient knowledge repository to guide each of us to gain most of our life on earth. This will enable us to predict what is in store for you in this world both good and bad so that we are prepared to face anything & by doing remedies we can increase of decrease the effects of planets & future events. Astrologer Mandiiip Chauhan is famous astrologer.He is very famous and renowned astrologer in India, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, and in many other countries .